Telescopic Props are used as support under formwork for bearing floor and sub-beam loads. It is very easy to set up, disassemble and transport. Working capacity, life and sensitivity are quite high. It is produced according to different head types for various applications. (Four Way, Long U, Standard U, Straight). It has an adjustment mechanism. It can be adjusted to the desired height.

• It is produced in adjustable sizes of 3.0 m 3.5 m 4.0 m 4.5 m 5.0 m 6.0 m height.
• Telescopic props consist of two main parts, inner and outer pipes.
• The outer pipes are produced from steel pipes with a diameter of Ø 60 mm, and the inner pipes from steel pipes with a diameter of Ø 48 mm with TSE certificate.
• Production is available in different headings according to the floor or under the beam.
All accessories of telescopic props are produced by our company. (Mechanism , Bolt Nut, Hook, Lever, Flat Head, Four Way Head, Long U Head, Standard U Head, Flat Head, Base Plate).